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What is The Sales Velocity Selling System?

The Sales Selling System is a seventeen-step system for successful selling. It’s a consultative selling approach that includes human behavior that puts your team in control.

How long does it take to complete the Live Instructor-Led Online Course?

Our process starts with gaining a thorough understanding of the current state of your sales organization. From there, we develop a practical approach to implement training which includes consultative selling activities that take place before, during and after training ensuring maximum return on your sales enablement investment.

What type of ROI should we expect from the sales training?

Our sales training program is a systematic approach that boosts the sales performance of your team. The Sales Velocity's end-to-end training solution resulted in an average ROI of 488% in less than 6 months after completion.

What is the experience of the Trainer that will deliver the sales training?

The Sales Velocity offers highly-skilled sales trainers with experience across numerous industry's. The Sales Velocity's sales trainers have an average of 18 years experience as a sales professional, sales leader, and sales team building experience.


The Sales Velocity Graduates


Performance Improvement


Avg. time until ROI was returned


Training Satisfaction

Why The Sales Velocity?

What benefits can you expect from our Sales Training Programs?

Researched-Based Curriculum

We remain acutely aware of key trends in the sales landscape and our training programs are rooted in current research.

Experienced Facilitators

Our dedicated sales training staff have years of experience in the field and the classroom.

Our Proven Training Methods Drives Sales

Our Methodology shows our deliberate approach to creating training programs that drive improved performance.

We Are Focused On Your ROI

On average, out clients recoup their investment in our sales training solutions in less than 2 months.

Just a few of the subjects that your team will master!

  • Science of Selling

  • Taking Control

  • Covert Messaging

  • Overt Messaging

  • Jobs be Done Theory

  • The Buyer's Journey

  • Career Conversations

  • Social Networking

  • The Challenger Sale

  • Primer on Persuasion

  • Penetration Theory

  • Building Rapport

  • Three Level Questions

  • Up-Front Contracts

  • Uncovering Pain

  • Closing the Sale

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